Nissan will use V2G technology for its own needs

Nissan North America launches a new pilot program as part of the Nissan Energy Share initiative, which uses bi-directional electric vehicle charging technology to partially manage power supplies at its North American headquarters in Franklin and San Diego.

Recall that bidirectional charging technology (V2G) means not only charging Nissan Leaf, but also using the energy stored in the battery of an electric car to partially transfer it to the network to compensate for the load.

Nissan Leaf is the only electric car on the market that uses bi-directional charging, so it is extremely useful where the company’s fleet consists of such cars.

Nissan Leaf with V2G bi-directional charging technology ©

The Nissan Energy Share pilot program will constantly monitor loads in the electrical networks of the company’s buildings, monitoring the possibility of periodically using Leaf’s energy resource to provide the necessary power during peak loads and the most expensive periods of demand.

Continuous monitoring, called “demand management,” can lead to significant energy savings and reduce the load on local utilities.

Recall, the second-generation Nissan Leaf is approved for the implementation of V2G technology in Germany.

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