Nissan creates an “ecosystem” based on its electric vehicles

Nissan is introducing new ways to use the power of batteries to store and share energy to make its electric cars even more useful to customers.

According to a plan called Nissan Energy, Nissan’s electric vehicle owners can easily connect their cars to power systems to charge their batteries, power homes and businesses, or supply power back to their electrical networks. The company will also develop new ways to reuse electric car batteries.

Nissan has already begun deploying programs in the USA, Japan and Europe, aimed at creating a whole “ecosystem” around its electric vehicles, primarily Nissan Leaf.

Nissan Energy will set new standards for connecting vehicles to energy systems through three key initiatives:

  • Nissan Energy Supply
  • Nissan Energy Share
  • Nissan Energy Storage
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Separate initiatives are already being implemented in different countries, for example, in the United States, Nissan North America will use Leaf electric cars to support its headquarters during periods of peak electricity load, expecting significant cost savings.

In Germany, Leaf will be used as a reserve for the German power grid, and in Japan, Nissan is working with telecommunications and energy companies to conduct field tests of V2G systems to confirm the ability of electric vehicles to manage energy consumption.

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